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Esme's Homework

Esme's Homework - Can't Stop The Feeling about food! - Esme
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I’ve got some food

Inside my tum

It make me strong and healthy

And helps me to run


All through my body

All through the day

Food gives me everything I need

To jump and play


I got that energy from protein

And the carbs from bread and rice

With some vitamins from fruit

That help me dance and sing real nice  


I can eat carrots to see well

In the day or in the night

You can also eat fish fingers

That will help your joints move right


Under the tin we keep the sweeties

That are not quite so good for you

You already know what they are

So just imagine, just imagine, just imagine


You must eat 5 fruit and veg so you’ll dance dance dance

Balance all your meals and you will dance dance dance  

Enjoy healthy eating so you’ll dance dance dance  

Have 5 fruit and vegetables to keep dancing

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