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Rum Trip Details 

I am determined not to run this like a school trip (!) however...below are the details. If you’d like to join us at any point that would be lovely. If you’d prefer to do your own thing, that would be lovely too! 

Thank you to everyone who has transferred money to my account. 


Please make sure you have a face mask as it is currently mandatory in most indoor spaces in Scotland. 


The weather for Rum Day is looking okish (it could be much worse!). Please make sure you have suitable clothing.

The ferry tickets and the coach are booked for Rum Day. 

Adult ferry crossing: £9.40

Child ferry crossing: £4.70

Contribution towards the coach: £10 each please

There is no rush but if you could zap some money into my account at some point that would be great - Thank you :) 


Acc: 33500717

Sort code: 070116

The dinner reservations I have made look like this (see below). Please check I have your name(s) on the right list. Thank you

Screenshot 2022-03-27 at 11.52.33.png
Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 10.45.53.png

Our Rough Plan 

Sunday 3 April

6:10pm Train from Orpington to Cannon St and then taxi to Euston 

8:30pm Sleeper train departs Euston for FW

Mon 4  April

Morning - arrive in Fort William 

Walk by the loch

Shopping/cafe lunch

Late afternoon - possibly go swimming

6pm dinner at the Brewers Fayre (by the Premier Inn). 


Tue 5 April 

If weather ok - trip to Ben Nevis and the Ben Nevis cable car - travel there by taxi/car/bus. Looks like there is a bus the leaves Fort William at 11:30am. I'll check this. 

Late afternoon - possibly go swimming

6pm dinner at a Brewers Fayre (by the Premier Inn


Wed 6 April - Rum Day!!!

A few people have asked about food on Rum Day. If the coach/ferry run to time there should be 20/30 mins at Mallaig each way where there is a CoOp. There is also a cafe that serves meals and snacks on the ferry. There should be lots of food options during the day. 

08:00 Coach from Fort William to Mallaig (if we have time there will a 5 min stop at the Glenfinnan Viaduct for photos)

09:00 Arrive Mallaig - enjoy Mallaig

09:40 Check in for ferry

10:10 Ferry from Mallaig to Rum

11:30 Walk from the jetty on Rum to the village hall (about 1 mile)

12:00 Cup of tea and cake 

13:00 enjoy Rum

14:00 Possible visit to Kinloch Castle

16:20 Ferry from Rum to Mallaig

18:00 Ferry arrives back at Mallaig

18:30 Coach from Mallaig to Fort William 

19:15 Arrive Fort William

19:30 McDonalds

Thurs 7 April 

Possible Seal Island cruise on Loch Linnie 

Late afternoon - possibly go swimming

6pm dinner at the Spice Tandoori, 141 High Street FW 


Friday 8 April 

Possible visit to the Glencoe Visitor Centre (free entry to National Trust members) followed by 30-60 min tour of the Glencoe area with stops at view points. Please let me know by the end of Sunday if you would like a place on the bus for this trip (will probably be around £15pp for the coach). 

Dinner 5pm - maybe Macari’s fish and chips 

Sleeper train home 7:50pm 


The Original Invitation


I would like to buy you/your family a cuppa and piece of cake at one of Sarah’s favourite places, the….


The Isle of Rum was one of Sarah’s favourite places in the world. It’s a wild, remote, eccentric and beautiful island off the west coast of Scotland. It has a population of around 20 people. Sarah visited many times and led many school trips there. She was also a member of the Kinloch Castle friends association helping to support and care for this unique building on the island. 



  • Just to be clear…..I’m only buying tea and cake in the village hall. Everything else is at your expense!!!! 

  • The train can be booked on the day. I will pre book the ferry tickets.

  • The weather around Mallaig and the islands can be extreme. The ferry crossing can be a mill pond but it can also be extremely rough! Please take suitable clothing. 

  • There is a walk of about 1 mile on an unmade track to get from the ferry jetty to the village hall (there are no ‘proper’ roads on Rum). 

  • Me, Alfie and Esme will be travelling to Fort William by sleeper train leaving London on Sunday 3 April. Then we will staying at the Fort William Premier Inn from Monday 4 April until Friday 8 April. We will then return to London on the sleeper train leaving late on the Friday evening. Anyone who would like to join us for all or part of this journey/holiday is very welcome. 

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